It never rains

Devastation of the sort that the fast-moving Valley Fire unleashed rarely has a single cause. Long before the blaze started burning through Boggs Mountain State Forest, decades of aggressive firefighting—and too few prescribed fires—left the woodlands overloaded with brush and other fuel. Meanwhile, extreme drought over the past four years has sucked the forests dry of moisture, leaving the trees unusually combustible. An army of destructive bark beetles also has made the pine forests vulnerable.

So, just in case anyone missed the obvious with these incidents: Bad forest management both causes and produces a multitude of problems.

Would anyone care to guess at the cause of the drought of the century before we remind ourselves that it is unlikely to have been monkeys living in caves, as behooves the higher haplorhines in the less enlightened nor particularly well drained eras?


I have done my best to belabour the USA version of the Internet for dreadful websites and preposterous behaviour. Mostly the fault of bad ethics from Hollywoodeville and that dirty, old, Australian scumbag, I am sure.

I must point out an excellent website that proves that what they used to say about Uesanians in the good old days, is still very true:

Tropical humidity surges, scattered nocturnal storms


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