Some physical diseases are believed to have a mental component derived from the stresses and strains of everyday living. This is the case, for example, of lower back pain and high blood pressure, which appear to be partly related to stresses in everyday life.. Psychiatry has found it difficult until relatively recently to distinguish somatoform disorders, disorders in which mental factors are the sole cause of a physical illness, from psychosomatic disorders, disorders in which mental factors play a significant role in the development, expression, or resolution of a physical illness.

29th and 30th August going by the date of the Rhyl Air-show (the only way I can remember dates apparently) we had a series of relatively large volcanic eruptions. Knowing that we were about to enter another volcanically active period I had been giving my situation some thought. And right on schedule 6am this morning British Summer Time I was in agony.

My left shoulder went numb and I went into all sorts of contractions to try and get the joints to right themselves. That is what it feels like. The only solution I had for it until recently was pain killer. Not at all effective. This time I was ready with antacids. Chalk compounds at inflated prices. Building materials are the cheapest industrial products you can buy, so why does an ounce or two cost several pounds?

You can buy half an hundredweight of lime for the price of two packets of Rennies. How much does mint oil cost?

The price of agony if you don’t have some handy obviously!

Even so if I was charged £8.00 for a half sack of Lime or Gypsum: 800 ounces, I think that that would be over inflation.

We are victims of our bad health. Not only that but going by the introductory quote from Wikedpaedia we sensitives are mentally ill. The write-up on here is all about psychiatry because as you grow older and more prone to the vagaries of the weather you also grow more defenceless against the people who want to write you off as fools and interesting specimens/sources of income.

I have had first hand experience of Britain’s National Health Service in a life-time of inexplicable symptoms of ill health. Fortunately I lived through it long enough to learn how to deal with most of it. Not (until now) how to make the damned pain go away though.

The big problem is that if people don’t know how to help you they soon learn how to put up with you. They just ignore you or mutter their hope for your prompt recovery and then get on with not being in pain. That is OK but how many sensitives have been stifled as mentally ill by people with enough qualification to call them what they like?

If you are one of the many fortunate people who are much cleverer than you think, please do us a favour; Stop thinking that you are as clever as you are, just because you don’t have a clue. You don’t have a clue. Really! Not the least idea.

I have never met anyone in my position that wants sympathy. Some sense of respect is about “it” at most and of course in the wrong time of the spell for us, a lot of patience perhaps, -if you are in a relationship with anyone of us.

All we really want is “To know what the bloody hell is going on”. Our health (if we don’t happen to have studied the things I have studied all these years) is just about the most confusing thing in the universe. If you have ever wondered why people go to war all the time, or get drunk and drive, or beat their wives and children up, forget it, such things are fairly obvious: People like that just like being them.

Let me assure you: We are not just the same. No more than we are mentally ill.


Another hypothesis for the cause of somatization disorder is that people with the disorder have heightened sensitivity to internal physical sensations and pain.  A biological sensitivity to somatic feelings could predispose a person to developing SSD. It is also possible that a person’s body might develop increased sensitivity of nerves associated with pain and those responsible for pain perception, as a result of chronic exposure to stressors.

I once had an attack of pain or wind that lasted something like 3 days. There was no way I could sit stand or lie in which I could feel comfortable. All I could do about it was walk. I have no idea what it was but after the event I was pretty sure I had suffered a mild heart attack. It did not feel very mild, I assure you.

Today as I watch the weather signals of approaching geophysical disorders I realise that there is no way on god’s earth that any scientist, least of all a psychiatrist or physician is ever going to equate weather charts and earth science phenomena with these symptoms.

It is staringly obvious that some weather model runs are going to end ins an event commonly classed with natural disasters. And if not one meteorologist can put these facts together there is no hope for anyone else doing so. I can’t believe that there has never been a meteorologist free from the most common weather related illnesses: gout, arthritis and the like.

So what are we waiting for, the clouds to part and heaven to open up and a voice to declare: LISTEN TO OLD WEATHELAWYER HE KNOWS THINGS!


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